SMYB Game Supervised Child Visitation

Welcome To SMYBG Supervise Child Visitation

Welcome To SMYBG Supervise Child Visitation


If Chess Is The Game Of Life, Our Children Should Be Winning

SMYB Game Supervised Child Visitation


My name is Elgedine Rudolph, and I entered this field as a professional Monitor because I believe that all children are gifts, and we should do everything to see them thrive in a world, where there is so much promise. I’m dedicated to providing excellent service to both parents. I’m a trained mental health professional, and confidentiality is my business.

Documentation and Reporting

Outline the process for sharing visitation reports with both parents and any relevant authorities involved, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Safety Measures

Include any specific safety concerns or restrictions that need to be addressed, such as drug or alcohol testing for the visiting parent before each visit.

Modifications and Dispute Resolution

Provide information for any concerns, disputes, or requests for modifications, including the involvement of mediators, attorneys, or the court if necessary.

Be Bold

We are fearless and inquisitive, challenging ourselves to think big and find creative new solutions.

Be Collaborative

We are proactive, passionate team players, investing in our relationships.

Be Exceptional

We are strategic and driven, exceeding standards and expectations.

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Safe Monitoring

Safe monitoring refers to the careful and vigilant supervision of parent-child interactions during supervised visitation sessions.

Trust Building

Trust building is an essential aspect of supervised visitation services. A trust may be fractured for families going through challenging circumstances, such as divorce, separation, or past conflicts.

Court Compliance

Court compliance is a critical component of supervised visitation services. These services often operate under the purview of court orders or legal agreements.

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